L’invité : SERGE RIGVAVA, le mannequin homme qui monte

un article pour Voir | publié le 4 septembre 2015

– Do you remember how have you been casted ?
I went to a coffee shop in order to buy a drink and I bumped into a casting. It was totally unexpected. I did it just to see… and step by step, I began the Elite Model Look winner of my country! It was crazy for me!

– Did people tell you what they find special in you ?
No they did not and sincerely even now I do not understand, realize what happen to me. This is incredible. I guess people likes my personality.

– I’ve read that you’re the model who has the highest number of appearances in shows last season ? is it true ? How do you feel about that ? what is your best memory of a show this season ? Your ever best memory ?
Yes, it is. I am very proud of that. This last season was just amazing! I can’t really realize it. The best moment was when I opened John Varvatos’ show. I was so stirred.

– where do you come from ?
I was born in Germany but I am living in Austria.

– what is the most unbearable in the man model’s world ? what is the nicest ?
I love travelling, meet people all around the world but contradictorily I hate travelling (wait at the airport, the jet-lag and so on). I know it is weird but it is true!

– have you a « beauty » routine ? Something to keep you healthy ?
When you work a lot like me, it is important to take care of your health, do some sport, eat healthy (even if I love junk food). I have the chance to have a good skin without doing anything.

– what do you like to do, except modeling ?
I like taking pictures, doing music and drawing.

– what are your next projects ?
Discover all the world!! As many countries as possible. My life is a dream and I will enjoy it entirely.

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